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My review of the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

I have been going through iFixit toolkits for several years now. This is my fourth kit I have gotten and it is easily the best one so far. With this kit, I have yet to find a screw that I do not have a tip for.  From the several Torx heads to the spanners and Tri-points its got everything you will need.

The  64-bit screwdriver set feels really well put together. The tips themselves are steel and even after years of daily use I have not had my most used tips wear down. The case itself is super fancy as well. It uses magnets to attach to the main roll case and the cover is magnetic as well. With it being magnetic I can detach the bit set and take it around my bench without bringing everything with me. The driver part of the set also shows very little wear and tear after tons of drops and usage.

All the openers feel real good. I mostly use the metal spudger for prying apart laptop cases, but if I need to be a bit more delicate I have the opening pick, Spudger, and opening tool. You do have to be careful with those. As they are plastic they will wear down over time. Good thing this kit comes with six opening picks and three opening tools.

I don’t do a whole lot of phones repairs. So the suction cup gets very little use from me.

Those little tweezers you get are great. The angled tweezers and blunt tweezers work really well and again are solidly built like everything else in this kit. The reverse tweezers have a nice plastic tip, but with them being reverse it always screws with my mind. Not that is a fault with the kit, it just always makes me think about how to use them.

If you haven’t guessed. I love this kit. I don’t need to worry about anything breaking. Which gives me more time to focus on the repairs. Should anything break the kit has a lifetime warranty, but with the quality of the tools I don’t think I am ever going to have to use it. If you repair electronics professionally or just for fun you should have this set of tools. It makes life so much better.

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