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My review of the ORICO USB 3.0 to SATA Dual-Bay Hard Drive Docking Station

In my day to day responsibilities, I must manage the inshop portions of My Computer Guy. One of my most used tools is a hard drive dock. I used to use an Oricio single dock. This allowed me to be able to make images of drives for cloning or recovering data. But with only a single slot it could become a bottleneck. So I went out and purchased a dual dock. Lucky this week I have been hit with a lot of hard drive issues so I was able to put through the wringer.

The dock itself is very sleek. with glossy sides and matte top. with the logo on the front and all the buttons on the back. along with the USB3 and dc jack port. The dock itself is very light, I do wish the bottom was a little heavier so it would move around as much, but that’s not really an issue.

One cool thing about the dock is it can clone drives on its own. Just plug in the power and flip the switch on the back to clone. Make sure you have the drives in the correct spots and hit start. I was able to successfully clone drives that had Windows partitions and also it worked on a PS4 hard drive. One thing to note is if you are cloning to a bigger drive it won’t expand the partitions to fill the drive.  also, it won’t shrink partitions either. So not going from larger to smaller. To clone a PS4 drive with 400GB of space it took about 3-4 hours. There are indicator lights to let you know the progress and it gives off three loud beeps when done.

Putting the switch back over to the PC allows for the drives to be seen on a PC when the USB3 cable is plugged in. The manual recommends to power off the device when plugging in drives. And while you don’t need to for it to see the drives it does take longer to Windows to see the drives. If you have one drive plugged in and you insert the second drive, it will reset itself and you will lose connection to the first drive for a moment. I wish it didn’t do that, but again that isn’t a dealbreaker for me. It just means a little more planning on my part.

When making images and browsing files on hard drives the USB3 speed was great. I was able to max out the USB3 pipe. Which is nice when making images of drives.

One thing about the older single dock is it would show the model of the dock. Which I hated. With this newer model, the correct information about the hard drives gets passed through so I can see the manufacture and the serial number of the drive. I am very happy about that.

Overall I really like this product and will use it often. It was a very good purchase and I highly recommend it.

Go buy it on Amazon.

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