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TP-Link TG-3468 PCI-Express Network Adapter (with Normal and Low Profile Bracket)

This TP-link NIC is a no frills card. It sits at about 2 and a half inches long not counting the bracket.  and can do 10/100/1000Mbps. That means Gigabit speeds are possible. Although there are so many things needing to go right to be able to reach that.

The card is a PCI Express 1x so you probably have an open slot. It has a full sized bracket and a low profile bracket should you be using a small form factor PC. There are also link lights so you can tell what speed you are getting and it as wake on LAN features.

The driver disc is a tiny cd. I wouldn’t recommend using that and if possible get the latest driver from their website. I just have seen so many little CDs’s get jammed in disc drives.

The Manufacture gives drivers for Windows XP, Vista, and 7, but It should work on 8 and 10. There is a chance Windows 10 will automagically find and install the driver for you.

For about $20 bucks you can’t go wrong with this.

Newegg Link

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